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Eles’s international action and innovation contributed greatly to Slovenia ranking sixth

The World Energy Council has issued the World Energy Trilemma Index 2018 where they evaluate the electricity and energy policy of 125 states.

The definition of sustainable energy used by the World Energy Council is based on three dimensions: Energy security, Energy equity and Environmental sustainability. The World Energy Trilemma Index categorizes the energy efficiency of states all over the world and ensures a framework for measuring progress. This year, Slovenia ranked four places higher in the analysis than in 2017, on the impressive sixth rank, and achieved a balance score of AAB. When it comes to ensuring energy security, Slovenia ranked 2nd place globally. 

Such good grades were helped by Slovenia cooperating internationally when it comes to infrastructure, international innovation projects, improving conditions for cross-country electricity trade and cooperation between energy companies and the corporate sector. The report, for instance, specifically points out international activities when it comes to innovation by ELES in the area of smart grids (SINCRO.GRID, NEDO, FutureFlow), the project of building the Cirkovce-Pince transmission line and the projects of the market coupling of Slovenia with Italy and Austria. ELES also newly coupled the Slovenian market with Croatia. 

The Trilemma also mentions the contributions by other energy projects in Slovenia, such as the construction of gas interconnections with Hungary, hydro power plants under construction on the Sava River and the inclusion of an ever expanding share of renewable sources of energy. Slovenia also garnered praise due to the fast introduction of smart meters in the distribution network. 

The World Energy Trilemma Index can be read in full here

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