One-way Slovenia-Italy connection

The one-way Slovenia-Italy connection projects anticipate the establishment of a one-way connection between Slovenia and Italy with a voltage level between 300 and 500 kV and a transmission capacity up to 1000 MW.

The project of the new international one-way connection (High-Voltage Direct Current, HVDC) between Slovenia and Italy is expected to increase the transmission capacities between the two countries and enable an increased level of integration of the electric power market between Italy and Slovenia, as well as the wider region. The project will contribute to the elimination of the limitations at the Slovenian-Italian border and to the increased reliability and safety of the electric power supply in both countries. In addition, we can expect an increase in energy transmission through the Slovenian transmission network. By eliminating the cross-border limitations, the project can indirectly influence the increased integration of renewable energy sources and larger social and economic benefit, as well increase the reliability of the transmission network operation.

The planning of the new connection is performed according to the agreement between the Slovenian and Italian transmission network operators, and the project is adapted to the development and expansion of transmission networks on both sides of the border, as well as to the development of the production capacity in Slovenia and the wider region.

The project is currently still in the study phase on the Slovenian side.



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More information about the project (in Slovene).

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