The SINCRO.GRID project is a smart grid investment project of European importance in the territory of Slovenia and Croatia. Its conformity with EU policies in the area of smart grids having now been proven, the project is being co-financed by the European Union.

Technologies implemented

  1. A virtual cross-border control centre for renewable energy sources in Croatia and Slovenia;
  2. Advanced algorithms for VVC optimisation, secondary reserve, advanced real-time operation of the grid using dynamic monitoring of transfer capacities, and a communication platform on the demand side;
  3. Reactive power compensation devices used by the two transmission grid operators – SVC technology of ± 500 Mvar in Slovenia and of ± 500 Mvar in Croatia;  
  4. Installation of advanced dynamic thermal rating system (SUMO) in the power grid;
  5. Installation of 10 MW electricity storage systems (battery storage)  with 30 MWh energy capacity for the purpose of relieving local power flows in the 110 kV network and serving as an alternative source for secondary control;   
  6. Integration of 2 MW of DG sources into the virtual power plant for the purpose of storing primary energy (small hydro power plants, biogas);  
  7. Adaptation of SCADA/EMS-based information system to RES control, optimisation of voltage profile control and battery storage systems for multiple use by system operators;
  8. Implementation of advanced forecasting tools at the DSO and TSO levels through the virtual cross-border control centre;
  9. Telecommunication support to RES control, virtual cross-border control centre support and SUMO system support;
  10. A common communication platform providing for an additional 5 MW of tertiary reserve.

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