Basic information

The ELES d.o.o. Company has the exclusive right to perform the service of transmission network system operator in the Republic of Slovenia. It is established and owned by the state.

ELES is the combined transmission and distribution system operator operator of the Republic of Slovenia. With a professional approach, know-how and advanced technology, ELES has been providing safe, reliable and uninterrupted electric power transmission throughout Slovenia and across the borders for 90 years. Thus, the company connects people and ensures quality of life. ELES endeavours to strategically, responsibly and sustainably plan, construct and maintain Slovenia’s high-voltage transmission network in three voltage levels: 400 kV, 220 kV and a part of 110 kV.


The ELES Company’s role in the electric power system

ELES is an important and solid backbone of the Slovenian electric power industry and a guardian of the Slovenian electric power system. Its key responsibility is the safe and reliable operation of the electric power system.

It interconnects all the main actors in the Slovenian electric power transmission network:

  • power plants providing electric power for the transmission network;
  • five distribution companies;
  • five larger consumers, the so-called direct customers, which offtake electricity from the transmission network, and four larger consumers (steel-works and TALUM) with the status of a closed distribution system.


The ELES Company’s role in the electric power systemThe ELES Company’s role in the electric power system

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