The ELES Company is aware of the fact that its employees are the most important key to the successful operation of the company. Therefore, it strives to create favourable working conditions, promote their constant education and training and to maintain a high level of satisfaction in many different ways.

The company places special emphasis on the introduction of new technologies and the associated expanding of the knowledge of all employees. For achieving the set business goals, effective and suitable employee management and ensuring their professional and personal development is of the utmost importance. The results of this pro-active employee care are visible in:

  • an ever-higher added value per employee,
  • a better use of employee potentials,
  • better compliance of the employees with the organisation culture of the ELES Company,
  • the determination of employees to achieve the set goals, vision and mission of the company, and
  • an increase of the company reputation as a good employer.



As at 31.12. 2018


The ELES Company received the Family-friendly company certificate in 2010 and the full Family-friendly company certificate in 2013. The measures taken enable the better coordination of the professional and family life of the company’s employees.

Certifikat Družini prijazno podjetje

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