Transition of the 220 kV Beričevo–Divača network to 400 kV: temporary suspension of activities

The temporary suspension of activities within the scope of the project of transition from 220 kV to 400 kV Beričevo-Divača line and the withdrawal of the initiative for the national spatial plan was caused by a number of problems related to the integration of the overhead lines in the environment. ELES Company has put every effort in prioritising people in all procedures involving the integration of electric power facilities in the environment; however, the implementation of current environmental legislation, including the procedures of adopting the national spatial plan does not enable this. Therefore, ELES Company expects that the competent ministry will thoroughly examine the current weights of assessing environmental impacts determining the setting of most appropriate routes of new overhead lines. In the future, ELES will continue advocating equal consideration of all legally defined stakeholders in national spatial plan adoption procedures and also the economic optimisation of routes. The company will also strive to include the public in all processes of integrating electric power facilities in the environment.

The assessment of the remaining physical life period of the existing overhead lines is not forcing us to make any rapid decisions. Until the environmental legislation including the procedures of adopting the national spatial plan and the needs for an upgraded overhead line do not change, ELES Company will temporarily suspend all activities in this project.


Basic data

  • Project name: Transition of the 220 kV network to the 400 kV Beričevo–Divača
  • Type of facility: Overhead transmission line
  • Rated voltage: 400 kV
  • Transmission capacity: 2 x 1.920 A
  • Length: Depends on the selected route (between 75 and 85 km)
  • Protective rope: Lightning conductor rope with built-in optical fibres (OPGW)
  • Scope of works:
    • Construction in sections of the two-system 400 kV transmission line in overhead execution with a TC connection over optical fibres
    • Construction of the RTP 400/110 kV with the respective strand of the transmission line by the RTP Kleče
    • Extension of the respective 400 kV fields in the RTP Beričevo and Divača and the rearrangement of the strands


Route course

  • The transmission line route is anticipated to run through the following municipalities (for both variants): Dol pri Ljubljani, Ljubljana, Škofljica, Ig, Brezovica, Domžale, Trzin, Medvode, Dobrova - Polhov Gradec, Horjul, Vrhnika, Logatec, Cerknica, Postojna and Divača.


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