Vision, mission, values

ELES defined the direction of its development in the company vision and mission. Responsibility, enthusiasm, knowledge, reliability, cooperation and determination form an important part of our organisation culture.


  • With one of the most technologically advanced networks, ELES will gain a leading role in Slovenia’s electric power system and will be a key element in the energy stability of the region.



  • Through reliable electric power transmission, ELES provides for the quality of life, the stable operation of organisations and the development of society in Slovenia and in the region.



  • Responsibility
    With the prudent development, planning and construction of a modern transmission system and continuous maintenance, ELES co-creates an energy-efficient and friendly environment, with respect to all the involved stakeholders: its employees, consumers, nature and the environment, local communities and society as a whole.
  • Enthusiasm
    With a positive attitude towards the work successfully performed by the ELES employees on the basis of experience, professionalism and diligence and with a positive attitude towards employees and the company, ELES co-creates an atmosphere conducive to the proactive performance of tasks and looks forward to joint achievements.
  • Knowledge
    With the continuous acquisition and sharing of knowledge and many years of experience, aspiration towards innovation and taking into consideration the best practices, ELES builds its professionalism, improves its performance and remains committed to finding the best solutions for continuously improving the quality of electric power transmission.
  • Reliability
    ELES is aware that at every moment it shares the responsibility for the successful and uninterrupted life, work and achievements of individuals, companies, institutions and society as a whole, so in its daily work and all processes, ELES keeps to its arrangements. The reliable, safe and uninterrupted transmission of electric power also entails the safety and quality of life of all our stakeholders.
  • Cooperation
    At every moment, ELES favours openness, integration, team spirit and finding the best solutions for the common good, both among ELES’ employees as well as with the active involvement of external stakeholders. Only in this way can ELES effectively fulfil its mission and work for the benefit of all, for a better today and tomorrow.
  • Determination
    Patiently and without compromise, ELES remains committed to achieving the best results, to fulfilling its mission and to striving for the long-term development and maintenance of the electric power transmission system of the Republic of Slovenia. This system represents the backbone of organisations in all sectors and is therefore a prerequisite for economic progress in Slovenia.








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