Vision, mission, values

ELES defined the direction of its development in the company vision and mission. Reliability, Flexibility and Responsibility form an important part of our organisation culture.


  • Effectively connected energy systems and users.
    Energy systems and users are the key part of the vision, and the role of ELES in this is to connect efficiently. ELES is generating revenue from the realisation of this benefit, because it does not produce electricity on its own, nor does it trade with it. Ensuring the availability of electricity, which is a functional promise, may only be achieved by realising a vision that is open enough to allow for the development of the methods to ensure this connectedness in line with the technological and other changes in the environment. The vision recognises ELES’ place at the very top of the intersectoral managed energy.



  • With our reliable management of the electricity system, we ensure stable and efficient development of the Company and the transfer to a carbon-free Slovenia and region.
    Due to the specific role of the transmission system and state ownership, the mission of ELES serves as the basis for its vision. The strategic importance of reliable management of an electricity system is so important for the country and all civil society members that it overrules the narrow business interests of ELES itself that are written in its vision. The mission defines ELES as the key part of stability, because there is no stable society without the constant availability of electricity. It also allows for the development of the company, mainly in the direction of a carbon-free company, both for energy systems as well as for users.



The values that we have pursued thus far perfectly reflect the internal needs during our establishment as well as today. Successful internalisation of these values has brought us to a level where our values must reflect the values that our users should feel directly through our means of operation.

  • Reliability (stability)
    is basically a fundamental factor, because they expect ELES to transfer electricity in a reliable manner and to balance the supply and demand of electricity.
  • Flexibility
    is directly linked to our transfer activity. We are reliable only if our system is flexible (not only responsive but being able to implement changes in a flexible manner), especially in times of the role of renewable energy sources.

    These two values are also the main requirements we have from our partners and are mostly related to vision.
  • Responsibility (to the company)
    highlights our mission. Of course, not just responsibility to the company but also responsible actions within the company, among ourselves.

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