ELES enjoys the status of a local EIC code issuer, assigning codes to electricity power market participants. If you wish to obtain an EIC code, fill in the form.

Only EIC codes published on CIO or LIO websites are considered valid. The local EIC code issuing body does not assume any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of data submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code. The local code issuing body is not responsible for any damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, general, special, coincidental or consequential damage resulting from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code.

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128X0000000000403INVOLTA D.O.O.INVOLTA 45555320 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
228X000000000063SV7 INVEST D.O.O.V7INVEST 55779425 SIResource ProviderInternational
328X000000000054TSIJ D.D.SIJ 51018535 SIConsumerInternational
428X000000000053VSIJ ZIP CENTER D.O.O.ZIP 71689010 SIConsumerInternational
528X000000000046SSONCE ENERGIJA D.O.O.SONCE 74117882 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
628X000000000045UMERCATOR, D.D.MERCATOR 458845951000SIBalance Responsible PartyLocal
728X000000000047QENETRA D.O.O.ENETRA 21280410 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
828X0000000000160PPD enerija, trgovanje z energijo d.o.o.PPD_ENERGIJA 93039492 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
928X111122223333FIG Prodaja d.o.o.IG-PRODAJA 51405652 SIInterconnection Trade ResponsibleInternational
1028XELEKTROLJ058WELEKTRO ENERGIJA d.o.o.ELEKTROENERGIJA 19950853 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
1128XMETALR------MSIJ Metal Ravne d.o.o.METAL_RAVNE 64537641 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
1228XTES-SI------OTERMOELEKTRARNA SOSTANJ d.o.o.TES 92189903 SIProducerInternational
1328X000000000000FEkstra olje d.o.o.EKSTRA_OLJE 53320492 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
1428X000000000001DEKSTRA OLJE NOVA d.o.o.EKSTRANOVA 50460579 SIConsumerInternational
1528X000000000002BELEKTRO PRODAJA E.U. d.o.o.ELEKTROPRODAJAEU 32237405 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational

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