Forecast of Covering the Electric Power Offtake

In order to ensure a reliable electric power supply, the electric power offtake from the transmission network needs to be covered with the production resources of the Republic of Slovenia.

On the basis of a good knowledge of the production resources operation characteristics in the past and considering the generation companies’ development projects, the ELES Company determines:

  • the long-term rates of offtake coverage, including the ability to cover the expected peak power rates, and
  • the extent of the reserve power the electric power system needs to ensure uninterrupted operation in the event of a lack of production resources.

Furthermore, estimations of the possibility of importing extra power from other electric power systems are researched, taking into account not only the capacities of the cross-border connection transmission lines but also the planned electric power balance of other countries featuring the long-term availability of production surplus, from which import for domestic needs can be ensured. These forecasts provide ELES with important guidelines on the desired or necessary technical and operation characteristics of the future production resources, including their recommended location, thus ensuring the maximum stability and reliability of the electric power system operation.