Transmission Network Planning

In order to ensure the reliable operation of the electric power system in the future, ELES is planning to develop the transmission network.

Transmission network planning is based on information on its condition in previous operation and long-term forecasts of the production capacities, the consumers’ needs and electric power flows from and to other networks through the Slovenian transmission network. In this regard, ELES considers:

  • technical criteria for selecting new network elements,
  • economic criteria for the optimisation of expenses and income, and
  • environmental protection criteria for ensuring the minimum impact of the network on the people and the environment.

By planning, ELES strives to eliminate the current network overload and to ensure its long-term capacities, a reliable supply in case of network element outage and a stable operation with suitable voltage conditions for the supply of high-quality electric power.

The Development Plan thus includes:

  • projects for renovating the existing network elements, and
  • projects for strengthening or expanding the network through new elements.




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