Network maintenance

One of the basic tasks of the ELES company is to ensure adequate preventive and regular maintenance of the electric power facilities and devices, with which we ensure the safe and reliable operation of the entire transmission network.

The works related to the control of devices, and the preparation and execution of maintenance works on transmission lines, switchyards and other associated facilities are performed within the framework of the four regional centres for transmission network infrastructure (CIPO):

  • CIPO Divača,
  • CIPO Ljubljana,
  • CIPO Maribor and
  • CIPO Podlog.

Regional centres for transmission network infrastructure (CIPO)

We achieve high quality and efficient maintenance through precise planning, good database maintenance, the use of analytical computer tools and programs, and the centralisation of procedures in the field of work preparation, electricity device control, and the execution of maintenance at all four of the centres for transmission network infrastructure. Our groups of employees are therefore ready 24 hours a day, all days of the year, to eliminate potential defects or intervene in the case of extraordinary natural events as fast as possible.