Renovation of the 110 kV Divača–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica transmission line

The upgrade of the Divača–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica transmission line will improve the reliability of the electric power supply of the southern Primorska region.

The area between Divača and Ilirska Bistrica is one of the most problematic areas when it comes to a reliable supply of high-quality electric power. The existing one-system Divača–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica transmission line 110 kV was built in 1939, which is why it is outdated, has a low transmission capacity, and does not provide a reliable electric power supply. The bad conditions are also affected by the proximity of the Croatian network, which strongly burdens the connection with additional power flows. Expert reports show that the foundations and the structure of the transmission line pylons are badly damaged, and the hanging materials and conductors are worn out, which makes the facility less safe. This indicates that it is necessary to upgrade the Divača–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica transmission line, which will remain on the same route in the future according to the Decree on maintenance works in the public interest in the field of energy (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, nos. 125/204 and 71/2009), to a 2 x 110 kV transmission line..


Basic data

  • Project name: 2 x 110 kV Divača–Pivka–Ilirska Bistrica transmission line
  • Type of facility: two-system transmission line
  • Rated voltage: 2 x 110 kV
  • Length: 30.6 km
  • Anticipated year of construction: 2022



  • The transmission line runs through the municipalities of Divača, Pivka and Ilirska Bistrica.


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More information about the project (in Slovene).

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