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19.03.2024 | News from Eles

On Friday, March 15, 2024, eighteen companies, organisations and municipalities signed a consortium agreement for establishing a low-carbon hydrogen ecosystem. Read More

23.01.2024 | News from Eles

Today ENTSO-E is releasing the first Offshore Network Development Plans (ONDPs), as part of its Ten-Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) for 2024, delivering on the important deployment of the offshore infrastructure throughout all the European sea basins ensuring seamless integration of offshore wind farms. Read More

13.12.2023 | News from Eles

On Tuesday, December 12, WCFA DAVOS announced the winners of the global communications industry and awarded ELES with first place for exemplary communication of corporate affairs and Katja Fašink (head of Corporate Communication at ELES) for the best crisis communicator. Read More

20.10.2023 | News from Eles

At yesterday's traditional Expert Consultation ELES, d. o. o., combined transmission and distribution system operator, ELES experts presented the future of the Slovenian electricity industry in the introductory part. Read More

04.10.2023 | News from Eles

We would like to inform you that with the decision of the District Court in Ljubljana on the 2nd of October 2023, the merger process of the company SODO, d. o. o. (Ltd.), Electricity Distribution Operator (acquired company) with the company ELES, d. o. o. (Ltd.), Electricity Transmission System Operator (acquiring company) has been completed. Read More

29.09.2023 | News from Eles

The Energy Storage Awards ceremony was held yesterday in London to reward excellence and hard work in the European industry. Read More

11.07.2023 | News from Eles

MSc Uroš Salobir, director of the strategic innovation department, was appointed as a new ENTSO-E governance team member. He will be responsible for the Research, Development and Innovation Committee for the next four years. Read More

11.07.2023 | News from Eles

ELES is announcing an open call for the best project proposal for reducing losses in the electricity grid. The deadline for submission is 15.9.2023 up until 13:00. Read More

12.06.2023 | News from Eles

Copenhagen, June 12, 2023 – Representatives of the GreenSwitch project consortium and the European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure, and the Environment solemnly marked the signing of the grant agreement under the Connecting Europe Facility program in the presence of the European Commission's officials. Read More

02.06.2023 | News from Eles

Slovenia's electric grid is going through one of the most demanding periods in history, a conference of the Slovenian Committee of Electric Power Engineers heard in Bled on Tuesday. Read More

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