Sustainable development

ELES’s activities are an integral part of a broader community, therefore the company acts prudently following high ethical principles. The Company aims for the sustainable development of the social and natural environment because it believes in the coexistence of man and nature.

It has a responsibility towards the natural and social environments in which it coexists. Thus the company plans, constructs and maintains Slovenia’s electric power network in a prudent way. It strives to meet the stakeholders’ requirements at the highest level possible considering any influences the interventions in the space could have on the environment.

With its activities and positive attitude, the company constantly expands the principles of socially responsible acting in the business and social environment it co-creates. It co-operates on profession development, increases energy literacy and supports the activities of numerous organisations and extraordinary individuals. The company also acknowledges the effort of its employees - the company’s biggest asset and the driving force behind its development.

Pylons of ELES’s sustainable developmentPylons of ELES’s sustainable development


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