International cooperation

Individual electric power network cannot be operated by itself. Therefore, connecting with the neighbouring country networks, incorporation into a broader electric power network and cooperation in international associations are of key importance.

The ELES Company, as the Slovene electric power transmission operator, is actively involved in the design and development of a unified European market through the professional association ENSTO-E and various (inter)regional initiatives and projects. These initiatives encompass activities for upgrading the methods of cross-border energy power trading and the inter-regional connection of markets featuring the active cooperation of ELES experts.

The ELES Company is also a member of the narrower European Network of Transmission System Operators committee (SC TSO), and an active member of the TSC and CORESO associations coordinating the operation activities associated with safe transmission system operation and ensuring a reliable electricity supply. The company also has a special role in the Association of Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (Med-TSO), being the link between the Central and Eastern European markets.

The company’s experts actively participate in various study committees and work groups within the International Council on Large Electric Systems - CIGRÉ.

International cooperationInternational cooperation


Market coupling

The ELES Company is one of the co-founders of the Joint Allocation Office (JAO), which especially provides services associated with the allocation of the annual, monthly and daily cross-border transmission capacities on 27 European borders. It also carries out substitute procedures in the event of trouble in the implementation of the European Market Coupling. It was founded with the merging of two companies: the Central Allocation Office GmbH (CAO) based in Germany and CASC.EU S.A. based in Luxembourg.

In February 2015, the project of coupling the Slovenian and Italian electric power markets was successfully carried out at the border between Slovenia and Italy; in July 2016, the project of coupling the Slovenian and Austrian markets was successfully carried out at the border between Slovenia and Austria. Thus, from the following day, the Slovenian electric power market became part of the pan-European cross-regional market coupling (MRC), connecting 19 European countries with an annual consumption of 2,800 TWh.

In June 2016, ELES began to carry out the implicit assignment of cross-border transmission capacities for the current day together with the Italian system operator TERNA, the Italian electric power exchange GME and the Slovenian electric power exchange BPS as the first company in Europe. Thus, the Italian and Slovenian electric power markets were coupled in this segment.

The project of implementing the target flow-based model of coupling the markets for the next day has been started in Central and Eastern Europe. The implementation of these projects is based on the newly designed network codes (the so-called Congestion Management Capacity Allocation Guidelines, CACM GL).

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