RTP Ravne with a connecting 220 kV transmission line

By constructing the 4 km long two-system 220 kV connection from the existing 220 kV Podlog–Obersielach transmission line and integrating it with the planned RTP Ravne, we will be able to ensure the supply of high-quality electric power to users in the Koroška region in a much easier manner.

The planned construction of an approximately 4 km long two-system 220 kV connection from the existing 220 kV international Podlog–Obersielach transmission line and its integration with the connecting fields of the planned 220/110/(20) kV Ravne distribution transformer station located in the industrial area of the Ravne ironworks plants coincides with the planned development of the region and is a consequence of the increased power demand and the solving of perturbation problems (flicker) in the 110 kV network in Koroška.

In the voltage quality analysis, compliant with the SIST EN 50160 standard, a causal link of the operation of electric power devices in the closed economic area of Ravne with the voltage fluctuations in the electricity network of the Koroška statistical region was established, which consequently affects the quality of the electric power for the end-users. By executing the project, we would control the flicker influence (voltage fluctuation) within the determined limits, ensure the long-term development of the region, and enable conditions for the undisturbed supply of high-quality electrical power to all users.

The selected variant for the route of the connecting 220 kV transmission line in the area of the new RTP 220/110/(20) kV Ravne will also condition the placement of the newly anticipated 220 kV switchyard with the reorganisation of the existing HE Dravograd–RTP Železarna Ravne and HE Dravograd–RTP Ravne (distributional) 110 kV transmission lines.


Basic data

  • Project name: RTP Ravne with a connecting 220 kV transmission line
  • Type of facility: two-system transmission line
  • Rated voltage: 220 kV
  • Length: approx. 3,2 km



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More information about the project (in Slovene).

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