Information and telecommunication network

At the ELES company, we have established flexible information systems and a highly reliable telecommunication network, with which we ensure contemporary, reliable and safe information and telecommunications services to our users.

The information and communication network of the ELES company is an important part of the key infrastructure (KI) of national importance. The network connects all the remote locations of the company, electric power generators, local distribution companies and foreign transmission companies, as well as other business entities that are directly or indirectly included in the value chain for ensuring reliable electric power transmission on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia.


ITC services

At the ELES company, we follow global trends when it comes to the development of technology and changes in the business environment in which our clients are integrated. The services we offer are carefully planned, adapted to the needs of the user, thoughtfully implemented, and maintained in accordance with the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology. This is how we ensure the competitiveness of the local business environment and its flexibility in adopting global business trends.

From the point of view of information solutions, this is reflected in the implementation of the contemporary business information system, document system and business reporting system. On the other hand, in the field of telecommunication network planning, we pay special attention to the implementation of IP (Internet Protocol) networks with all the included mechanisms that will enable the use of ITC services for operation and business purposes.

Our users can choose from a wide selection of ITC services that can help them achieve their business goals:


Development of the ITC services

The construction of ITC services follows the strategic guidelines of the company development and is coordinated with the company’s business requirements. It includes the process of construction and the constant improvement of services, which ensures the realisation of specific business requirements through the interaction of standard components.

A more noticeable development stage is the project of upgrading the new generation SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) services, through which we ensure the users of our basic activity (the operation and protection of the electric power system) a gradual and safe transition to IP networks.

During the development of the applications services, we have implemented new standard business information systems, systems for support in the maintenance of telecommunications systems, and an electronic document system. Furthermore, we are currently building a business reporting service.

In the near future, we are planning to expand and develop the existing telecommunication networks. At the level of optical transport, we plan to expand the existing capacities by implementing the DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) network and infrastructure, which will be the basis for the renewal of the existing IP/MPLS (Internet Protocol / Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network. Projects and technologies planned in this way will enable the further development of EES operation services, smart networks and other business ITC services.


IKT center Kleče
IKT center Kleče
IKT center Kleče