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In the news, we notify electrical energy market participants about all important events that could impact their operations.

Draft new Auction Rules for SI-HR border for the year 2011

Elektro-Slovenija, d.o.o. (ELES) is informing all Auction Participants that we will start, together with Croatian Transmission System Operator HEP OPS, with coordinated auctions for the year 2011. For that reason we are publishing a draft of the new Auction Rules for cross-border capacity allocation on Slovenian-Croatian Interconnection for 2011 where ELES acts as an auction operator for direction Croatia to Slovenia and HEP OPS acts as an auction operator for direction Slovenia to Croatia. Since the draft Auction Rules are still in the process of approval by relevant national regulatory authorities, ELES withholds the right to amendments based on request of mentioned authorities.

We would also like to inform all Auction Participants willing to participate at yearly, monthly or daily auctions in direction from Croatia to Slovenia for 2011 that from this day on they can send to ELES their application to the mentioned auctions. All Auction Participants already registered for the auctions in the mentioned direction for 2010 are only requested to send the new Statement of Acceptance via fax to the number +386 1 474 2652 and original by post.  All other participants are kindly requested to follow participation requirements as stated in the draft Auction Rules.

We will inform Auction Participants about exact timing of the auctions in due time.

Draft Auction Rules SI-HR 2011

Statement of Acceptance of the Auction Rules for SI-HR for 2011