ELES enjoys the status of a local EIC code issuer, assigning codes to electricity power market participants. If you wish to obtain an EIC code, fill in the form.

Only EIC codes published on CIO or LIO websites are considered valid. The local EIC code issuing body does not assume any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of data submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code. The local code issuing body is not responsible for any damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, general, special, coincidental or consequential damage resulting from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code.

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3128X0000000000039Skupina ekstra olje d.o.oSKUPINAEKSTRAOL 40869083 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3228X0000000000047Morgan Stanley Group Energy Europe Limited, PodruzMSCGEEL 48208370 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3328X0000000000055Elektro Prodaja BA d.o.o.ELEKTROPRODAJABA 4263486680003  Balance Responsible PartyInternational
3428X0000000000063ERIH Enerji ve Enerji Emtialar Ith. Ihr. Paz. ve TERIH 3590316774  Balance Responsible PartyInternational
3528X0000000000071ELEKTRO GORENJSKA PRODAJA D.O.O.EL-GOR-PRODAJA 37692186 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3628X000000000009YMVM Partner energija d.o.o.MVMP-DOO 56319401 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3728X000000000010CELEKTRIKA CENEJE d.o.o,ELEKTRIKACENEJE 80676154 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3828X000000000011AVirtuse Energija d.o.o.VIRTUSE-ENERGIJA 53737601 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
3928X0000000000128Geoplin d.o.o. LjubljanaGEOPLIN 51503581 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
4028X0000000000136GEPAN d.o.o.GEPAN 18500285 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
4128X0000000000144Store Steel d.o.o.STORE_STEEL 700571413220SIBalance Responsible PartyLocal
4228X0000000000152Elprom d.o.o.ELPROM 10798552 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
4328X000000000035XTELEKOM SLOVENIJE, D.D.TELEKOM_SI 985117341000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
4428X000000000017ZPetrol Tehnologija, d.o.o.PETROL-TEH 75194996 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
4528X000000000018XPETROL GEOTERM d.o.o.PETROL-GEO 53715381 SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational

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