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Only EIC codes published on CIO or LIO websites are considered valid. The local EIC code issuing body does not assume any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of data submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code. The local code issuing body is not responsible for any damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, general, special, coincidental or consequential damage resulting from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code.

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6128XELGOR-------UELEKTRO GORENJSKA,d.d.ELGOR 203892644000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6228XEL-PRIMORSKAWELEKTRO PRIMORSKA, d.d.ELEKTROPRIMORSKA 371026565000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6328XENS---------6ENERGETIC SOURCE S.R.L.IT_EVIVASPA 0333865017325050ITBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6428XENTRADE55201HENTRADE d.o.o.ENTRADE_SI 701916381000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6528X-ET-ENERGIE-Ae&t Energie Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.E-T U48685800A-1100ATBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6628XEZPADA-SI---5EZPADA ENERGIJA d.o.o.EZPADA-SI 649240171000SIInterconnection Trade ResponsibleInternational
6728XHEP-TRADE---7HEP TRGOVINA d.o.o.HEP-TRGOVINA 958721758250SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
6828XHESS-SI-----CHidroelektrarne na Spodnji Savi d.o.o.HESS 202741738250SIProducerInternational
6928X-INTERENERGO8Interenergo d.o.o.INTERENERGO 991445901000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
7028XJULONDD-----ZJULON d.d.JULON 580924041000SIConsumerInternational
7128XKORLEASI----IKORLEA, PODJETJE ZA TRGOVINO IN STORITVE D.O.O.KORLEA-SI 566985859220SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
7228XKRKADDNM----HKRKA, tovarna zdravil,d.d. Novo mestoKRKA 826467168501SIConsumerInternational
7328XLUXSASHA1970YLUX ENERGY d.o.o.LUX_ENERGY 869997451000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
7428X-MEGAPLAN---VMegaplan d.o.o.MEGAPLANSI 314819658262SIConsumerInternational
7528XMEGAWAT-----TMegawatt d.o.o.MEGAWATT 200851251236SIConsumerInternational

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