ELES enjoys the status of a local EIC code issuer, assigning codes to electricity power market participants. If you wish to obtain an EIC code, fill in the form.

Only EIC codes published on CIO or LIO websites are considered valid. The local EIC code issuing body does not assume any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of data submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code. The local code issuing body is not responsible for any damage, including but not limited to direct, indirect, general, special, coincidental or consequential damage resulting from any inaccuracy or incompleteness of information submitted by the subject in the application for obtaining an EIC code.

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9128XTECNO-------0TECNOENERGIA S.C.p.A.TECNOENERGIA 0320034096025050ITInterconnection Trade ResponsibleInternational
9228XTERASASA1970ETERAWATT d.o.o.TERAWATT-SI 940179721000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
9328XTE-TOL------IENERGETIKA LJUBLJANA, d.o.o.ENERGETIKA_LJ 230340331000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
9528XTI-MI-------BTI & MI d.o.o DobrunjeTI-MI 744170531261SIConsumerInternational
9628XUNIE01------TUni energija, druzba za upravljanje d.o.o.UNI_ENERGIJA 450827742000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
9728X000000000027WLOGO ENERGIJA D.O.O.LOGO_ENERGIJA 274015451290SIBalance Responsible PartyLocal
9828X000000000036VEnergia gas and power, d.o.o.EGP-SLOVENIJA 182039491291SITrade Responsible PartyInternational
9928X000000000034ZELES, D.O.O.ELES_SB 208747311000SIBalance Responsible PartyLocal
10028X000000000038RCATV SELNICA RUŠE D.O.O.CATV_SELNICA 492881722352SITrade Responsible PartyLocal
10128X000000000052XCOMCOM TRADING D.O.O.COMCOM_TRADING 530464475280SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
10228X0000000000411PROENERGY D.O.O.PROENERGY 690093681000SITrade Responsible PartyInternational
10328X000000000043YGIGA ENERGIJA D.O.O.GIGA_ENERGIJA 244215371380SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
10428X000000000044WIPOWER D.O.O.IPOWER 696701291000SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational
10528X000000000049MNGEN D.O.O.NGEN 245762394274SIBalance Responsible PartyInternational

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