Implementation of European regulations

ELES as the transmission system operator of the electric power network is in accordance with the legislation obliged to notify the public about the procedures of adoption and implementation of European regulations in the field of electric power transmission.


Energy Agency issued the consent to the Common Grid Model Methodology

On the basis of the tenth paragraph of Article 9 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1222 of 24 July 2015 establishing a guideline on capacity allocation and congestion management and the role of ELES Company, the Energy Agency on 27 May 2017 issued its consent to the Common Grid Model Methodology.

The purpose of the methodology is to describe the requirements and procedures for the preparation of the so-called Individual Grid Model (IGM) by each individual system operator, which will facilitate the calculation of cross-border capacities and the implementation of electric power system operational security analyses. The models will be made separately for capacities for one day in advance and during the day. Capacities allocation models one day in advance will be made two days before supply, the models for allocating capacities during the day will be made one day before supply. These models will have to contain all elements of the electric energy grid on 220 kV or higher voltage levels. These include data about grid elements and topology, major end users, producers, high voltage direct current lines. Time schedules of production, the predicted offtage and planned switch-offs of grid elements will have to be considered at the implementation of IGM models for each time horizon. The methodology also envisages that individual models of the grid will be joined in the common European grid model, on the basis of which capacities will be allocated and reliability analyses will be implemented.

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