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FutureFlow project presentation at InnoGrid2020+

Mag. Darko Kramar from ELES presented the FutureFlow project at InnoGrid2020+

Mag. Darko Kramar from ELES, leading partner of the FutureFlow project, presented at InnoGrid2020+, the innovative power conference, the FutureFlow project. In the session Prosumer empowerment & active system management he emphasised that real prosumers from Austria, Hungary, Romania nad Slovenia were invited to collaborate in FutureFlow.  By including their staff in FutureFlow project they gain practical skills of operating flexible technical units under balancing market rules.

FutureFlow is a great example how to involve customers in the process. In average 150 hours of customer’s engagement per customer will be needed for the installation of equipment, testing of the IT protocols, taking part in the field-pilot tests, ex-post evaluation etc. Engaging customers in the project is a great opportunity to educate them and get their feedback where they lack knowledge and information. Based on their first-hand feedback, the FutureFlow partners will become aware of the most critical points and be able to improve the communication towards customers.

It should be emphasised that Demand Response & Distributed Generation providers expect not only to participate in the field-pilot tests that shall be carried out in 2018, but also to be included in the subsequent “real world” balancing services.

At the conference the FutureFlow project was promoted with two roll-ups and project brochure, which was available to all interested participants.

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