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29.09.2021 | News from Eles

At the end of last week, the representatives of the European agency CINEA visited the SINCRO.GRID project locations of the companies ELES and HOPS and inspected the work done so far within the European project of common interest in the field of smart grids - SINCRO.GRID. Read More

21.09.2021 | News from Eles

The winners of the 2021 Energy Awards of the Časnik Finance newspaper were announced at the traditional Energy Days conference. Read More

30.06.2021 | News from Eles

Ljubljana, 30 June - At today's meeting of the TEN-E Thematic Group for Smart Grids, assessments of the candidate smart grids projects for the 5th PCI list were presented. The GreenSwitch project, submitted by partners from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, received a positive assessment and is included in further evaluation process for inclusion on the 5th PCI list. Read More

10.06.2021 | News from Eles

Today, a solar eclipse took place affecting the majority of countries in Europe between 10:10 to 13:45 CEST. Read More

09.06.2021 | News from Eles

Tomorrow, a solar eclipse will pass through the northern part of Canada, Greenland and Russia and will cast a shadow on the majority of countries in Europe between 10:10 and 13:45 CEST. The obscuration, that is the reduction of solar power, should be up to 23% in Continental Europe. Read More

24.05.2021 | News from Eles

ELES began the start-up and functional testing of the new 400 kV switchyard in the Cirkovce substation, which was planned along with the 2 x 400 kV Cirkovce-Pince overhead line. The Cirkovce substation with its fourteen 400 kV fields is becoming the largest 400 kV switchyard in Slovenia. Read More

11.03.2021 | News from Eles

Transmission System operators from Slovenia (ELES) and Hungary (MAVIR) are announcing the conclusion of the construction of the transmission line and the start of allocating cross-border transfer capacities on the border between Slovenia and Hungary presumably in March 2022. Read More

02.03.2021 | News from Eles

In a world-first, Slovenia’s Transmission System Operator, ELES, and power technology company, Smart Wires have announced a joint agreement which will see ELES’ dynamic line rating (DLR) technology combine with Smart Wires’ power flow control solution. Read More

25.02.2021 | News from Eles

The Slovenian government at its 59th meeting on 24th of February 2021 as the general meeting of the company, in accordance with the Act on the Establishment of the Public Enterprise ELES, d.o.o. adopted the Long-Term Strategic Plan for 2021 to 2025. Read More

26.01.2021 | News from Eles

On 8 January 2021 at 14:05 CET the synchronous area of Continental Europe was separated into two parts due to outages of several transmission network elements in a very short time. ENTSO-E has published the first information on the event already on 8 January 2021, followed by an update with geographical view and time sequence on 15 January 2021. Since then, ENTSO-E has analysed a large portion of relevant data aiming to reconstruct the event in detail. Read More

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