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SINCRO.GRID Project Presented to the Members of the European Parliament

The SINCRO.GRID Project coordinated by ELES was presented within the scope of the presentation of cooperation of Slovenia and Croatia in the field of smart grids.

The presentation of regional cooperation in the field of smart grids to the Members of the European Parliament and other interested public was hosted today by the Members of the European Parliament, Franc Bogovič from Slovenia and Davor Škrlec from Croatia. 

Members of the European Parliament, Krišjāņis Karinš and Claude Turmes, the coordinators of the ITRE Committee, also welcomed the participants, the introductory speech was held by Jerzy Buzek, the President of ITRE. The meeting continued with the presentation of best practices in cooperation between Slovenia and Croatia in the field of smart grids. 

The SINCRO.GRID Project, which also belongs among the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) of the European Commission, was presented by mag. Simon Tot, Project Manager. He emphasised that the purpose of the SINCRO.GRID Project, which is coordinated by ELES and also involves the cooperation of HOPS, SODO and HEP-ODS, is to enable a more efficient use of the existing transmission electric power grid in Slovenia and Croatia, thus enabling the current electric power infrastructure to receive greater quantities of electric power from renewable sources and a more reliable supply with electric power, excluding the need for the construction of new overhead line arresters. "These presentations are very important, because they represent an opportunity for best practices exchange, international connection and the source of ideas for planning new projects in the field of smart grids," said mag. Simon Tot from ELES.

After the presentations of efficient cooperation between Slovenian and Croatian partners in the field of smart grids, the participants were addressed by Dirk Beckers, the CEO of INEA, Anna Colluci, the representative of the Energy Directorate, and Alex Volkery, the representative of the Directorate for Mobility and Transport. The participants then continued with a discussion and the conclusions of the meeting were summarised by MEP Franc Bogovič.



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