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Study visit within the BioEnergyTrain project

Between 8 and 19 January 2018, two PhD students from the Bavarian School of Public Policy at the Technical University of Munich will do an internship at ELES within the BioEnergyTrain project.

Their doctoral dissertation focuses on the integration of scientists from social sciences and humanities into energy related research, especially research of the use of renewable energy sources and the socio-economic implications of the use of biomass. They will not only conduct interviews with the BioEnergyTrain project partners, but also meet with experts from ELES. The main aim of their visit will be to gain knowledge of the Slovenian internal energy market, interconnectors with neighbouring countries, the impact of market coupling with Italy on activities of ELES, the security of supply, and network security. They will devote special attention to renewable energy sources and the challenges of their integration into the energy systems, as well as to constant grid overloads and the need to develop Smart Grids and the impact of the latter on revenues. Whilst taking into consideration different political and business cultures of the member states, they will also examine the impact of EU legislation concerning Smart Grids on Slovenia and ELES. The result of their visit and work at ELES, will be a paper on the interdisciplinary aspect of cooperation within the BioEnergyTrain project, where participants from different sectors are shaping new study programmes.

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