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ELES's activities in the project Defender are in line according to the plan

The ELES company has been actively participating in the international project Defender for over a year. The aim of the project is to identify risks on critical energy infrastructure and services, to prepare the information environment for early detection of risks and for raising awareness among employees on measures for reducing risks. 

The project involves partners that covers the entire energy system from electric power producers, transmission network operators, distribution network operators and end users. 

ELES and its partners are currently preparing the scenarios for the pilot projects in which together we will examine different possibilities for early detection and prediction of existing threats posed mainly by network intrusion attempts. The project will focus on combined cyber-physical-human threats that are expected to become the most intrusive and frequent in the near future.

The pilot projects will also validate existing security processes and analyse information coming from different security systems and conclude if existing protective measures are able to detect and identify malicious activities.

In the next phase of the project we will develop and demonstrate how the Defender security framework will be able to appropriately manage different types of security threats in the most appropriate way.

The project that will last three years incorporates 18 partners from nine countries. The main source of funding is the European Horizon 2020 programme.

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