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Defender project workshop

On the 18th of September ELES hosted a workshop as part of the Defender project.

Partners from Jozef Stefan Institut, Institut of corporate security and RWTH University in Aachen discussed about transmission and telecommunication network simulation, focusing on the detection of the most vulnerable parts of both systems. The main purpose of the meeting was to present tools and methodologies used by RWTH for the simulation of attacks on the transmission and telecommunication network.
Among others RWTH introduced the CPSS co-simulator which primary purpose is to analyse cyber, physical and human impacts and threats to the critical energy infrastructure, identify the most probable attack on the vulnerable parts of the network and the possible consequences that such attack may cause.

Furthermore, the simulator provides analysis on the effectiveness of potential countermeasures that are provided by the CEI Incident Mitigation DSS module in the Defender project architecture. The operation of the CPSS simulator consists of two phases: the modelling phase and the simulation phase. During the workshop the topology of the ELES’s transmission and telecommunication network was presented. In the second phase of the Defender project RWTH is expected to provide some analysis about critical points in the network that can pose serious risks to the whole system.

The red thread of the workshop was that attacks can’t always be prevented, but a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the network enables us to successfully reduce the consequences of the attack and restore the smooth operation of the system as soon as possible.

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