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A great new victory by ELES at a European call for tenders

The 50 million Euros acquired for co-financing the cross-border transmission line between Slovenia and Hungary will go directly to customers

This is the largest successful application for a grant of any energy company in the history of Slovenia. Due to this success by ELES,  for many more years the customers will be able to depend on stable tariffs for the use of the transmission grid. 
On 23rd of January 2019, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency – INEA published a list of approved projects that were submitted to the second invitation by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) in 2018 (2018-2 Energy Call for Proposals). Among those positively assessed tenders were also two tenders by the company ELES, the building of the Construction of the overhead line 2 x 400 kV Cirkovce-Pince and substation 400/110 kV Cirkovce and the SINCRO.GRID phase II. The project Cirkovce-Pince will thus be granted a grant of 48,221,508.00 euros. Grants were also given to two more projects in the field of electric energy, three projects in the field of gas and one project concerning smart grids from the EU member states.

This call was meant for submissions in fields such as: boosting competitiveness by encouraging integration within the internal energy market and the interoperability of cross-border gas and electricity networks, strengthening the reliability of energy supply within the Union, integration of renewable energy and the development of smart grids, completing the internal energy market, contributing to sustainable development and protection of the environment, also by integrating energy from renewable energy sources and developing smart energy networks and cross-border networks when it comes to carbon dioxide.

The approval of both aforementioned projects from a technical standpoint presents a complete unit. The planned double circuit transmission line 2 x 400 kV Cirkovce-Pince will measure 80.5 kilometers and will feature 264 towers and optical fibers will be built into secure ropes. In the existing RTP 220/110 kV Cirkovce, a 110 kV substation will be reconstructed and in the expanded part a new substation 400/110 kV will be built along with a control station. A new compensation device can then be installed in the new RTP Cirkovice station that will present the main part of the tendered project SINCRO.GRID phase II. The installation of the compensation device in Cirkovice will also complete the smart grid project SINCRO.GRID phase I. 
The successful submission of the project Cirkovce-Pince to the European tender by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) is important when looked upon from three different aspects. The first is the strong EU competition and very limited resources due to which the success of applications on the European level is not high. Since 2014, when the first CEF tender was published and till now only every tenth such comparable project was successful. With every individual tender only two projects are selected on average. ELES is therefore the big winner of this tender! The other aspect is time related, as the company ELES had to struggle to be able to submit the application on time. Due to limitations that arise from obtaining an environmental approval, ELES had to carry out the application procedure in a time period that was three times shorter than what was available to other applicants and is demanded for preparing these very specific, demanding and extensive applications. The third aspect, the most important aspect for end customers, is financial. The success of this tender will not affect the financial results of ELES as all acquired assets will be transferred to end customers. Slovenian customers will therefore, due to ELES’s success, be directly awarded by a stable price when using the transmission grid.

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