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FutureFlow presented at China Utility Week Summit

Uroš Salobir, coordinator of the FutureFlow project and Strategic Innovation Director, presented the FutureFlow project at China Utility Week Summit.

He held a presentation titled “The FutureFlow project – developing an International market for most advanced frequency services in EU”. He also participated in the panel discussion dedicated to the development of a modern power market design. Mr. Salobir stressed that in Europe, because of phasing out coal-fired power plants, we have approximately 15 years to establish operating and reliable flexibility market.

FutureFlow project was the answer to this challenge as project partner’s explored the potential of active consumers for offering system services, developed two prototype platforms - platform for the aggregation of distributed generation and demand response and regional balancing and redispatching platform - and pilot test the operation of the platforms in real international environment. He concluded his presentation with the information, that the size of the EU market for secondary frequency regulation is 9.133 MW and that there is potential for 3-5 such platforms in Europe.

The China Utility Week consists of an International Smart Energy and Utilities Summit to discuss industry strategies and trends, Hub seminars to analyse real-world industry solutions, Initiate! Startups, Youth Talent Forum events and expo. 

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