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We participated at the conference Emobility Italy-Slovenia

The pillars of the E8 concept, its benefits for the society, the electric power system and users were presented by Uroš Salobir.

At the Emobility Italy-Slovenia conference in Gorizia on Friday, May 10th, Salobir pointed out at the beginning the three important challenges that key stakeholders will have to address shortly in order to enable e-mobility under acceptable conditions for all users. That is, how will we sustainably solve the challenge of increasing electricity needs cause by simultaneous charging of the e-fleet and how do we envisage an electricity grid that will be capable of meeting the expectations of hundreds of thousands of drivers at the same time? He said, that in recent years ELES has developed the concept of the integral development of infrastructure for mass charging of electric vehicles E8. Afterwards he presented the pillars of the concept and its benefits, as well as ELES's efforts to implement the concept. At the round table "How can the Friuli Venezia Giulia region - Slovenia become the most e-mobile region in the world", he stressed that the region can become one of the most e-mobile regions in the world by interconnecting the key stakeholders and implementation of all the key pillars of the E8 concept.

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