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Slovenian Transmission System Operator ELES and Smart Wires to collaborate on technology synergies

In a world-first, Slovenia’s Transmission System Operator, ELES, and power technology company, Smart Wires have announced a joint agreement which will see ELES’ dynamic line rating (DLR) technology combine with Smart Wires’ power flow control solution.

The two technologies offer compelling synergies. DLR can identify which lines have available capacity and power flow controllers can then intelligently route power to those lines.

Transmission system operators anticipate several operational constraints as they aim to deliver their long-term capital works. This collaboration will provide a technology that allows the transmission system operators to actively optimise network power flows and resolve these constraints. This will mean saving customers millions of euros and ensuring the delivery of major projects.

The companies anticipate a series of collaborative ventures on different sites. ELES’ part of the collaboration will be managed by its recently-launched member company Operato, focused solely on the implementation of SUMO DTR (dynamic thermal rating) technology.

SUMO DTR technology cost efficiently monitors and predicts weather conditions along the whole line to calculate a transmission line’s real-time rating. By using SUMO DTR’s real-time ratings, transmission operators can use higher line ratings without endangering safety or reliability.

Since some circuits reach their maximum rating while others are well below their limits, balancing power flows can eliminate constraints and improve network transfers. Smart Wires’ SmartValveTM technology can push power off lines that are overloaded or pull power onto lines with spare capacity.

Unique from legacy forms of power flow control, SmartValve is a modular solution which means it is quick and flexible to install and easy to scale or relocate. SUMO is an advanced DTR system that requires no physical installation of sensors on the conductors.

According to ELES’ Director of Strategic Innovation, Uros Salobir: “combining these rapidly-installed and low environmental impact technologies is the next logical step in grid innovation as our industry solves problems that facilitate the energy transition.”

“ELES is proud to join forces with Smart Wires. Both companies have seen the strength in each other’s capabilities and have similar outlooks in terms of our commitment to innovation,” said ELES’ CEO, Aleksander Mervar.

Smart Wires’ Vice President, European Business Development, Mark Norton responded: “Smart Wires has followed ELES’ journey with great interest over the last few years.”

“We recognized the extremely complimentary nature of DLR with our technology, and saw ELES’ unique strength, being both a transmission system operator and a developer of grid technology.

“Innovation is such a core tenet of both companies and we are thrilled to collaborate on these pioneering projects,” Mr Norton said.

The projects are expected to commence in early 2021.

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ELES has the exclusive right to pursue a transmission system operator's activity on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. Using a professional approach, knowledge, and advanced technology for over 90 years, the Company provides the safe, secure, and uninterrupted transmission of electricity throughout Slovenia and beyond its borders. ELES has become the first regulated energy company in Slovenia, which has placed its innovations activity at the forefront of its operations. With successful projects, organisation, and human resources, it allowed the highest possible level of further development in this area.

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Smart Wires is a global power technology company advancing the delivery of affordable, clean electricity around the world. With our innovative technology and advanced analytics, we maximize the grid’s capacity. This means more renewables, at a lower cost and with less disruption to communities and the environment. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and a global workforce of 200 professionals spread across four continents, we collaborate with our customers to achieve their strategic objectives and help them face an uncertain energy future with flexible, high-impact solutions.


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