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Start-up and Functional Testing of the New 400 KV Switchyard in RTP Cirkovce Have Begun

ELES began the start-up and functional testing of the new 400 kV switchyard in the Cirkovce substation, which was planned along with the 2 x 400 kV Cirkovce-Pince overhead line. The Cirkovce substation with its fourteen 400 kV fields is becoming the largest 400 kV switchyard in Slovenia.

ELES embarked on a comprehensive renovation and upgrade of the substation (RTP Cirkovce) within the framework of constructing the new double circuit AC 400 kV overhead line Cirkovce-Pince, which will connect the Slovenian electricity transmission network with that of Hungary. They have rearranged all 110 kV transmission lines that connect into the existing switchyard from the eastern side, they rearranged the 220 kV transmission line Žerjavinec–Cirkovce and rearranged and looped into the RTP Cirkovce the two 400 kV transmission lines Maribor–Krško and Maribor–Podlog. Through these interventions four new 400 kV transmission fields have become active in RTP Cirkovce, two of those go towards the city of Maribor, one towards the city of Krško and one towards the village of Podlog. RTP Cirkovice with a total of 14 fields is becoming the largest 400 kV switchyard in Slovenia.

All administrative and technical inspections have been carried out successfully, which is the condition for the switchyard to go live and begin start-up and functional testing of the 400/110 kV transformer and the new 400 kV and 110 kV switchyard. This is an important step, because this new switchyard will enable a gradual update of the 220 kV transmission network in this part of Slovenia to the 400 kV voltage level and the inclusion of the double circuit AC 400 kV overhead line Cirkovce-Pince, which is currently under construction, into the Slovenian electricity system.    

Then follows a transfer of the 110 kV cable lines into the new 110 kV GIS switchyard and a reconstruction of transmission lines: 110 kV Maribor–Cirkovce 1, 110 kV Maribor–Cirkovce 2, 2 x 110 kV Cirkovce–Zlatoličje, 110 kV Cirkovce–Kidričevo 1, 110 kV Cirkovce–Kidričevo 2, 110 kV Cirkovce–Kidričevo 3, 110 kV Formin–Cirkovce, 110 kV Cirkovce–Rogaška Slatina and the connection of the 220 kV transmission lines Žerjavinec-Cirkovce and Cirkovce-Podlog. The existing 220 kV and 110 kV switchyards will also be removed. Scheduled for July, the second 400/110 kV transformer will also begin operating.

“The works, which were quite demanding due to having to ensure constant operation of the existing switchyard, are going ahead according to the schedule, the conclusion of all the works is planned for March 2022, when the 2 x 400 kV overhead line Cirkovce-Pince will be ready for a test run,” explained mag. Aleksander Mervar, the CEO of ELES.

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