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Diagnostics and Analytics Center ELES became the best energy project of 2021 according to the readers' choice

The winners of the 2021 Energy Awards of the Časnik Finance newspaper were announced at the traditional Energy Days conference.

The awards were presented in three categories, two in each category, one by the selection of the commission and one by the readers of Finance. In the category "Promotional project RES / energy efficiency" according to the readers' choice, the first prize was awarded to Diagnostics and Analytics Center. The project, which has a strong reputation in Slovenia and abroad, has according to some very modest estimates, already saved hundreds of thousands of euros for end-users of electricity.

The award was accepted on behalf of the entire team by dr. Uroš Kerin, Head of the Innovative Diagnostics and Analytics Center, who received the first prize after less than two years of operation. Upon receiving the award, dr. Kerin thanked the entire team and emphasized that the DAC project had led to a tectonic shift in thinking in the Slovenian power industry.

With the activities of the advanced analytics center in the company ELES, we want to ensure the quality and integrity of data. At the same time, we are establishing digitalization opportunities for the integration of RES and other green transformation technologies into the existing high-voltage infrastructure and maintaining high operational reliability and cost efficiency of the Slovenian electricity system. We have made many positive achievements in the past, and we will follow the development in the future, in accordance with the development strategy which we will adapt not only to the needs of society but also to the needs of Slovenia for a successful energy transition in the future.


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