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Update of the construction of cross-border transmission line between Slovenia and Hungary

The transmission System operator from Slovenia (ELES) is announcing a delay in completing the construction of the transmission line connecting Slovenia and Hungary.

The construction of the cross-border transmission line between Slovenia and Hungary 2x400 kV Cirkovce - Hévíz is in the final stage; however, due to some materialized risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic situation and unfavorable weather conditions, the start of the test run has been postponed for three months, i.e., to June 2022. 

The project has made significant progress: the final construction permit has been acquired, the construction of the substation Cirkovce is 100 % finished and ready for the connection, civil works are finalized to 96 %, and the installation of the steel constructions up to 71 %. 

The delay is primarily caused by the pandemic situation hitting also Slovenia. In the past two months, many quarantine decrees were issued for the onsite construction laborers, with the most critical period in December 2021 when three complete teams were quarantined for 14 days. Adverse weather conditions were the second cause of the delay. A strong wind prevented lifting the towers, which consequently accumulated the delay in installing the electro equipment. 

Completing the 2x400 kV cross-border transmission lines Cirkovce – Hévíz is a top priority for ELES. Labour force in the field has been increased to the maximum extent possible and are doing their best to put the tie-line into operation. 

According to the updated project plan, in June 2022, ELES and its Hungarian TSO partner MAVIR anticipate the inclusion of the SI-HU border into the European projects for forming an integrated electricity market and, with this also the commercial granting of cross-border transmission capacities.

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