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The Coupling of the Austrian - Slovenian Markets - a further step towards the Integration of the European Power Markets

29 February 2016 - The Transmission System Operators APG and ELES, and Power Exchanges BSP and EPEX SPOT have in 2015 launched a dedicated project with support of both national regulators E-Control (Austria) and Energy Agency (Slovenia). The goal is to implement the European target model for day-ahead Capacity Allocation and Congestion Management on the Austrian–Slovenian border.

The project is an extension to the NTC based day-ahead market coupling approach including its operational procedures, initially developed for the Italian borders (IBWT). This new border will be fully embedded in the Multi Regional Coupling (MRC). 

The AT-SI project is scheduled to go live in mid-2016. Market participants will be informed about the exact date of go-live, which is subject to technical readiness and regulatory approvals.

ASB Market Coupling public information - February 2016


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