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02.10.2018 | News from Eles

On the 18th of September ELES hosted a workshop as part of the Defender project. Read More

02.07.2018 | News from Eles

Mag. Simon Tot from ELES presented the investment project SINCRO.GRID at the fifth CESEC High Level Group Ministerial. Read More

19.06.2018 | News from Eles

All Slovenian borders are from today coupled in the European single day-ahead electricity market. Read More

13.06.2018 | News from Eles

Project partners organised first workshop with prosumers in Slovenia. Read More

07.06.2018 | News from Eles

Prosumers from Slovenia, included in the pilot tests, are kindly invited to the first workshop with prosumers. Read More

11.05.2018 | News from Eles

Hitachi, NEDO and ELES have finished with implementation of equipment and solutions in the first phase of the NEDO project Read More

07.05.2018 | News from Eles

The speakers at the Energy Transition as an Opportunity for the Slovene Economy conference were the director of ELES, Mr Aleksander Mervar, MSc, the director of the Strategic Innovation Department, Mr Uroš Salobir, MSc, and the manager of the NEDO project, Mr Gregor Omahen. Read More

03.05.2018 | News from Eles

Bisnode presented mag. Aeksander Mervar, the director of ELES, with the Certificate of Golden Credit Rating. Thus, ELES is among the 1.6% of Slovenian companies that boasts this prestigious certificate. Read More

26.04.2018 | News from Eles

The Slovenian – Croatian Market Coupling Project is scheduled to launch on June 19th 2018 (for delivery day June 20th 2018). Read More

24.04.2018 | News from Eles

Between the 16th and 17th of April a plenary meeting of the Defender consortium was held in Rome. Read More

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