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The Eles team promotes the FutureFlow project in Vienna

At the international conference "European Utility Week", Eles team promotes the FutureFlow project.

At the introductory panel "Interoperable Platforms and Data Exchange for Energy Services" at the European Commission's pavilion mag. Uroš Salobir summarized the extraordinary results shown by the cross-border integration of the markets for system services. "With automatic frequency control, the FutureFlow project offers 60% savings and with redispatching up to 57%," said Salobir. He added that the project showed that regardless of the innovative ideas and technical quality of the solutions, the key step and the challenge for the operation of the system is communication with customers and helping them to become active stakeholders in ensuring the reliability of the electricity system. Mag. Salobir also participated in the round table, which followed the introductory presentations.

We also for the first time publicly presented a promotional video of the FutureFlow project. 

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