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Conference on the digitalization of utilities

Mag. Gorazd Ažman from ELES presented projects NEDO, Osmose and FutureFlow.

On November 5th, Think Smartgrids organized a conference at the French Embassy on the digitization of utilities. More than 80 people attended the event. Side event at the conference was a roundtable, that brought together high quality speakers: Michael Hübner (BMVIT), Georg Rute (Elering), Olivier Grabette (RTE), Gorazd Ažman (ELES), and Gerhard Kunit (Wiener Netze). Mr. Ažman presented ELES's smart grid projects NEDO, SINCRO.GRID and FutureFlow.

From left to right: Valérie-Anne Lencznar (TSG), Michael Hübner (BMVIT),  Gerhard Kunit (Wiener Netze), Gorazd Ažman (ELES), Georg Rute (Elering), and Olivier Grabette (RTE).

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