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Meeting of the TDX-ASSIST project consortium in Ljubljana

ELES and EIMV hosted a regular meeting of the TDX-ASSIST consortium between 10 and 11 February 2020. The project partners checked the progress of individual work packages, the results achieved and dissemination and communication activities. Project partners also presented the first results of demonstrations in individual countries.

The TDX-ASSIST project is currently in the final phase of a three-year implementation and is focused on better interaction between transmission and distribution electricity system operators and other stakeholders. All partners are currently investing a great deal of energy in describing the results of demonstration environments, disseminating results, and liaising with standardization institutions (eg IEC) and other European initiatives (eg BRIDGE).

Rok Stopar, Project Manager of the TDX-ASSIST at ELES, expressed satisfaction with the good cooperation of Slovenian partners (EIMV, ELES and Elektro Gorenjska), who demonstrated, during the demonstrations in the Slovenian environment, good solutions in the field of data and information exchange between stakeholders.

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