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08.06.2022 | News from Eles

On 7 June, Continental Europe TSOs decided to address positively Ukrenergo‘s request and confirmed the key conditions that, once met, will enable a gradual opening of the electricity trade with Ukraine. Read More

26.04.2022 | News from Eles

Today, ENTSO-E is proud to announce that an Observer Membership Agreement has been signed between ENTSO-E and Ukrenergo, marking the beginning of a new chapter in the important relationship between Ukrenergo and all the European electricity TSO members of ENTSO-E. Read More

25.04.2022 | News from Eles

The 5th PCI list has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Listed is also the GreenSwitch project, coordinated by ELES. Read More

04.04.2022 | News from Eles

ELES, EMS, and EPEX SPOT announce their joint commitment to establish the first regional power exchange for Central and South-Eastern Europe. The newly founded Alpine-Adriatic Danube Power Exchange - ADEX - will offer harmonised one-stop-shop spot power trading services in Slovenia and Serbia, with the ambition to also extend business and services to other countries in the Central and South-Eastern European (CSEE) region. ADEX shares will be owned equally by ELES, EMS and EPEX SPOT. Read More

24.03.2022 | News from Eles

At the traditional Jožef Stefan Days, which have been taking place since 1993, the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) awarded ELES, mag. Uroš Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department at ELES, and Dr. Janko Kosmač, Head of the ELES Process Systems Service, the honorary distinction for a successful business partnership in the transfer of scientific and technological achievements and knowledge of the Institute to the social and economic hinterland at home and abroad. Read More

16.03.2022 | News from Eles

Following an urgent request by Ukrenergo and Moldova for emergency synchronisation, the TSOs of Continental Europe agreed to start on 16 March 2022 the trial synchronisation of the Continental European Power System with the power systems of Ukraine and Moldova. Read More

15.03.2022 | News from Eles

Ljubljana, 15th of March – In light of the green transition, the Director of the Strategic Innovation Department at ELES, mag. Uroš Salobir, Mayor of Velenje, Peter Dermol, and Mayor of Šoštanj, Darko Menih, have signed an umbrella agreement for the implementation of cross-sectoral projects in the electricity, heating and cooling sectors. Read More

11.03.2022 | News from Eles

Open call for the best project proposal in the field of AI for electricity transmission systems is finished. Read More

18.01.2022 | News from Eles

He attended the round table of the French Automotive & Mobility Network – FAMN in the role of Vice-Chairman of EGVIAfor2zero. In his speech, he focused on the critical challenges for greater acceptance of e-vehicles by users and faster development of e-vehicles. Read More

14.01.2022 | News from Eles

The transmission System operator from Slovenia (ELES) is announcing a delay in completing the construction of the transmission line connecting Slovenia and Hungary. Read More

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