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07.11.2018 | News from Eles

At the international conference "European Utility Week", Eles team promotes the FutureFlow project. Read More

06.11.2018 | News from Eles

Mag. Gorazd Ažman from ELES presented projects NEDO, Osmose and FutureFlow. Read More

25.10.2018 | News from Eles

Mag. Darko Kramar presented the achievements of ELES at the IEEE PES ISGT Europe conference, hosted by Sarajevo this time, highlighting the leading role of our company in the wider region. Read More

16.10.2018 | News from Eles

The Conference on Innovative Smart Networking Technologies IEE PES ISGT Europe will take place from October 21st to 25th in Sarajevo. Read More

11.10.2018 | News from Eles

The World Energy Council has issued the World Energy Trilemma Index 2018 where they evaluate the electricity and energy policy of 125 states. Read More

02.10.2018 | News from Eles

On the 18th of September ELES hosted a workshop as part of the Defender project. Read More

02.07.2018 | News from Eles

Mag. Simon Tot from ELES presented the investment project SINCRO.GRID at the fifth CESEC High Level Group Ministerial. Read More

19.06.2018 | News from Eles

All Slovenian borders are from today coupled in the European single day-ahead electricity market. Read More

13.06.2018 | News from Eles

Project partners organised first workshop with prosumers in Slovenia. Read More

07.06.2018 | News from Eles

Prosumers from Slovenia, included in the pilot tests, are kindly invited to the first workshop with prosumers. Read More

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