Physical and commercial cross-border electric power flows

Power plants input generated electric power into the transmission network; five distribution companies and high-voltage network consumers offtake electric power from the transmission network. In order to preserve the balance in the electric power system, the exchange of electric power with Austria, Italy and Croatia through international cross-border connections is also important.

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The generation and load of electric power

The balance between the generation and offtake of electric power from the transmission network is achieved by using the leased system services and purchasing or selling energy for balancing. Thus, deviations between offtake realisation and the plan do not endanger the safe operation of the transmission network and the supply of electric power to the final consumers.

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  • Taking care of the transmission network
    ELES is Slovenia’s combined transmission and distribution system operator. ELES is responsible for 669 km of transmission lines in the 400 kV transmission network, 328 km of transmission lines in the 220 kV transmission network, and 1,862 km of transmission lines in the 110 kV transmission network.
    Taking care of the transmission network
  • Reliably transmitting electric power
    Reliably transmitting electric power
    The company ensures the reliable, safe and uninterrupted supply of electricity 24/7. As the connection between the producers and consumers of electricity, ELES is also responsible for the seamless operation of Slovenia’s entire electric power system.
  • We enable the quality of life
    We enable the quality of life
    ELES is aware that its system inevitably encroaches upon the environment and life; however, this is achieved prudently following the principles of the sustainable development of the social and natural milieu.
  • NOVO - Ideas and Innovations Report
    NOVO - Ideas and Innovations Report
    In our publication NOVO you can read more about the results of our innovation activities in the past period and learn about new areas we are stepping into.

Treasury of knowledge

The book The Life of Electric Power in Independent Slovenia

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the National Committee of the International Council on Large Power Systems (CIGRE), a special book entitled The Life of Electric Power in Independent Slovenia 65/25 was published.

Division of Electrical Networks

Electrical networks are classified in terms of their voltage: low-voltage, medium-voltage and high-voltage networks. The ELES Company manages the latter, the high-voltage transmission network in Slovenia.

Shapes of electricity pylons

In Slovenia, the most common shapes of pylons are "fir tree", "barrel", "the Danube", the "Y-pylon" and the “H-pylon”.

Air Transport Safety Warnings

To ensure the safety of air transport, the upper parts of overhead power line pylons near airports are coloured in red and white, and red-white marking balls are also installed on protective conductors.

Bird Protection Warnings

Since some bird species while flying do not notice protective conductors, they easily collide with the conductors and get injured. To protect birds, we installed black and white flags which move due to the winds.