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The SINCRO.GRID project received an international "Energy Storage Award"

The Energy Storage Awards ceremony was held yesterday in London to reward excellence and hard work in the European industry.

The Energy Storage Awards ceremony was held yesterday in London to reward excellence and hard work in the European industry. In the »Grid Operator Project of The Year« category, ELES was awarded for installing battery energy storage systems within the SINCRO.GRID project.

Yesterday, the "Energy Storage Awards" ceremony took place in London, celebrating exceptional achievements in battery energy storage systems. Awards were given in twelve categories. The company ELES has registered two projects - installing battery energy storage systems within the NEDO project and the SINCRO.GRID project. Both projects were shortlisted in the system operator's project of the year category, while the SINCRO.GRID project was chosen as the best project in the category. Projects from Germany and Poland were also shortlisted.
As part of the SINCRO.GRID smart grid project, the ELES company installed two 5 MW (25 MWh) battery storage units inside the Okroglo and Pekre substations. Even in the most critical situations, the mentioned battery storage units ensure the sovereignty of Slovenia in the complex mechanism of the constant maintenance of the balance between production and consumption, which ELES must provide on a second-by-second basis for the entire country.

ELES started the projects of installing battery energy storage systems at a time when the rule was that only thermal and hydropower plants could perform such services, which had many limitations. Today, it is an entirely different situation because these two projects also led to intensive commercialisation and batteries today provide the most significant part of the necessary services for the most critical processes of maintaining the balance in the system.

On this occasion, the company's director, Aleksander Mervar, emphasised that this award is just an additional international recognition of the excellent work of ELES employees. Without innovative ideas and their successful implementation by committed employees, all these projects would not have been possible. At the same time, this also motivates us to implement other projects and look for additional innovative solutions that will enable a more efficient green energy transition.

Uroš Salobir, Director of the Strategic Innovation Department at ELES: "The award reaffirms ELES' vision, courage, and success in facing the most demanding processes of green transformation, not only in Slovenia but at the level of Europe and the whole world."

Jurij Klančnik, Director of Operations at ELES: "The award is the result of hard work and proof that we are doing the suitable projects that belong at the very top of innovation. I am proud of everyone who participated in the project, from idea to realization, and I sincerely congratulate everyone.

Ervin Planinc the Head of Consent and Operations Control at ELES: “I am extremely proud that our efforts have been recognised and that we have received this award. This achievement is the result of our joint success, through this project we have demonstrated our ability to solve problems, effective cooperation and outstanding commitment. I am confident that we will continue with this success in other projects as well. Congratulations to the entire team for this achievement! Thank you for your efforts, knowledge and dedication. ”


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