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09.02.2016 | News from Eles

Co-organization of the Event is the Result of Good Cooperation between ELES and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.ELES is the coordinator of a four-year research project, worth 13 million euros, which will be funded by the European Horizon 2020 Programme. 12 partners from eight European countries, among them four system operators, research institutions, technology companies and two electricity traders, are involved in the FutureFlow International Research Project. All companies are leaders in thei... Read More

29.01.2016 | News from Eles

The challenge posed by renewables – How much power electronics can the grid cope with?• The European Union is providing roughly 17 million euros of funding for the research activities• 25 project partners are investigating the potential, thresholds and preconditions for measures for controlling the grid in future• The focus is on safeguarding grid stability, changes to control functions, and     possible adjustments to grid connection rules25 consortium partners from 13 European countries, i... Read More

24.09.2015 | News from Eles

After a bit more than two months of new SCADA/EMS system trial run, today ELES formally took over the new system produced by ABB Sweden. During the system trial run detail examination of complete functionality has been performed and correction of identified malfunctions has been finalized. At the end of trial run ELES users are ready and confident to take over the system to become the main tool for power system operation.ELES got a modern control system which will enable the operators of Nationa... Read More

01.07.2015 | News from Eles

On 24 June 2015 the General Assemblies of CAO and CASC.EU, the two regional allocation offices for cross border electricity transmission capacities, approved the merger agreement to create the Joint Allocation Office (JAO). This is a major milestone for facilitation of the internal electricity market in the European Union. The JAO is a joint service company of twenty Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from seventeen countries*. It will mainly perform the yearly, monthly and daily auctions... Read More

14.04.2015 | News from Eles

The 13th International Workshop on Electric Power Control Centers (EPCC) will be held on May 17-20, 2015, at the Grand Hotel Toplice in Bled, Slovenia.  The Workshop is co-sponsored, organized and supported by ELES. EPCC Workshops provide a unique platform for information exchange among the industry professionals involved in technical, business, regulatory and financial aspects of system reliability and electricity markets. Workshop discussions focus on the latest development... Read More

24.02.2015 | News from Eles

A further significant step towards an integrated European power market on 24 February 2015. The Italian Borders Market Coupling was successfully launched today. The Italian-Austrian, Italian-French and Italian-Slovenian borders have been coupled with the MultiRegional Coupling (MRC), thus linking the majority of EU power markets–from Finland to Portugal and Slovenia. The launch of the Italian Borders Market Coupling provides evidence of the flexibility and reliability of the... Read More

19.02.2015 | News from Eles

Following the communication published on the project parties’ websites sent to the Market Participants on 2 December 2014, the launch of the Italian Borders Market Coupling is now confirmed on 24 February 2015, based on the approval of all the concerned National Regulatory Authorities.IBWT MPs Communication Confirmation GoLive  Read More

02.02.2015 | News from Eles

A further significant step towards an integrated European power marketThe Italian Borders Market Coupling Project is scheduled to launch on 24 February 2015. The Go-Live is subject to the final approval by the involved regulatory authorities. Three of the five borders of the Italian Borders Market Coupling Project will be coupled with the Multi-Regional Coupling (MRC), thus linking the majority of EU power markets - from Finland to Portugal and Slovenia. The launch of the Italian Borders Market ... Read More

18.12.2014 | News from Eles

Partners of Slovenian Italian bilateral Market Coupling project Terna, GME, BSP and ELES would like to inform market participants regarding the change of Gate Closure Time for Day Ahead Markets of Slovenia and Italy.Change of Gate Closure Time for Italian ans Slovenian day ahead markets   Read More

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